Five reasons starting to learn accountancy
is more flexible with ACCA-X

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ACCA-X provides a range of courses for students looking to start a career in accounting.

Growing popularity of online study

The growth in online learning is transforming traditional models of education. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be taken by thousands of students from around the world. Endorsed by internationally renowned institutions such as Harvard and Stanford, they are opening up knowledge to global audiences.

As well as creating more opportunities for lifelong learning, online courses give students greater choice about when to read study courses, listen to lectures and sit tests. ACCA-X provides a range of courses for students looking to start careers in accounting. Here are 5 reasons ways in which it offers more flexibility than traditional alternatives.  

1. Courses run throughout the year

If already working full- or part-time, the traditional academic timetable is unlikely to offer the flexibility you need. Learning online with ACCA-X gives you greater control over your own learning. The 10-week courses start in January, April, July and October each year allowing students to choose when to start.

The next sessions for ACCA-X courses start on 11 January 2016 - but if January isn’t a good time, you can wait a few months until the next round of registration.

2. Personal and personalised

Traditional modes of learning tend to be prescriptive. Students are told what they have to learn, and when and where they have to learn it.

One benefit of MOOCs is that students have the freedom to organise their own learning.

The edX platform provides a wide range of detailed, pedagogically sophisticated resources which students can access across their devices. Podcasts, screencasts and tutor videos can all be downloaded onto portable devices to be accessed in your own time.

3. Learn from others

Online courses are designed to facilitate peer learning. In the classroom peer learning is limited by the number of people in the room. With an online course, however, it’s possible to learn from other students from around the world through a global network.

4. Designed for different learning styles

People learn in different ways and what works for one person might not work for someone else. The online ACCA-X platform is designed to accommodate different learning styles, giving experimental, hands-on and more abstract learners the opportunity to study in a way that suits them, whether focusing on the ins and outs of business structures or the different functions of Excel.  

5. Lower barriers to entry

The cost of going to university isn’t the only obstacle facing students thinking of higher education. High entry requirements and competition for places at elite institutions can deter many students from pursuing a career in accountancy.

Doing an online course and obtaining a recognised qualification with ACCA-X offers students another way to realise their career goals. It can also help your CV stand out for any future job and university applications.