ACCA-X: the story so far

student wearing a red jumper using a tablet device

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student wearing a red jumper using a tablet device

ACCA-X is a multi-award-winning online learning programme developed by ACCA and hosted on the edX platform. 

These free and affordable online courses boost your financial literacy skills and prepares you for the first seven ACCA Foundation Level exams.  

When we started delivering courses in July 2015, we had no idea that 18 months later we would have 175,000 enrolments from practically every country in the world.

Or that we'd be delivering full courses in Mandarin Chinese as well as English, and that we'd be invited to speak about ACCA-X to the Financial Times, a UN Conference in Africa and even HRH The Princess Royal. It's been quite a journey!

At the heart of everything has always been the learner - whether an ACCA student, preparing for their exams, or an individual wanting to gain some basic financial skills to help them get a new job or launch their own business. 

So has it worked?

Absolutely, yes! Learners using ACCA-X are consistently achieving exam results above the global average, and user feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We've been moved by the many stories of lives transformed by ACCA-X - from people using the programme to study from home as they recover from major illnesses, to refugees accessing the courses via smartphones as they cross Europe in search of a better life for their families. It has exceeded our expectations.

A multi-award-winning learning programme

After just 12 months in operation, ACCA-X started to receive industry recognition in the form of awards and we now have quite a collection:

Why is this important? Because earning recognition in this way allows us to reach more people and continue our mission to break down the barriers to learning.

Building skills to unlock potential

In June 2016, ACCA-X made it into the Financial Times, where we had the opportunity to explain how we are bringing financial literacy skills to a wider audience and to share some of the public value work we are doing across the globe. Like the partnership with Gauteng City Regional Academy in South Africa, supporting 350 young people from less privileged backgrounds to raise themselves out of poverty by developing employability skills using ACCA-X at no cost. Or the work in the UK with military charities, enabling serving personnel and spouses to build financial skills that are transferable to wherever they may be posted in the world.

Fundamentally, ACCA-X is about supporting individuals to reach their goals and that is nowhere better illustrated than by Vanessa, who we met when she came to tell us her story at the London Meet-Up in May.

Vanessa was stuck in a job that didn't inspire her and said, 'I did an online search for accountancy training, it was that simple. I can't believe how life-changing that search was - in less than one year, I had retrained and got the job I wanted.'

We're so proud of Vanessa and everyone who has taken the brave and rewarding decision to make the future their own. May there be many more success stories in 2017 and beyond! 

Best wishes from Cheryl, Elinor, Iain, Janet, Mark, Reza and Valli at ACCA-X.