Get Involved: Inspire Future Accountants

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ACCA-X awards and mentions

Are you an ACCA member? Find out how you can inspire future finance professionals. 

Let's start with introducing (or reintroducing) you to ACCA-X. Launched and developed by ACCA in 2015, ACCA-X is a multi-award winning online learning programme.

At the heart of ACCA-X is to provide accessible, affordable and high quality learning that provides ambitious individuals around the world with the opportunity to obtain the skills and qualifications they can use for a rewarding career. 

Our free and affordable courses have been used to prepare students for the first seven ACCA Foundation Level exams; and boost the financial literacy skills of small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Can you help us do more good with ACCA-X? We've had over 100,000 people use our online courses in 232 countries and territories and there are many more people who can benefit from the programme.

You can take part in different ways – from telling a friend, family or colleague about ACCA-X to writing an article for our blog. Or giving a talk at our learner webinars and meet-up event.

Three ways you can help 

Blog for ACCA-X

Would you like to share your knowledge and expertise with a global audience? We're looking for ACCA members to write a blog article for the ACCA-X website. Topics include industry issues, career experiences and study tips; whatever you think will help learners on their ACCA journey. 

To register your interest, please email us with your details:

  1. Full name 
  2. Job title and your current employer
  3. Links to your social profiles (LinkedIn Twitter)
  4. Your proposed blog article title that you think will help future finance professionals or state your area of interest. 

Please send your details to with 'blog' in the subject line.

Give a talk at our events

We’re planning to host talks around the world aiming to inform and inspire our learners. If you're interested in becoming a speaker at one of these events please email us your details:

  1. Full name
  2. Job title and your current employer
  3. Country of residence
  4. Links to your social media profiles (LinkedIn or Twitter)
Please send it to with 'Talk' in the subject line. We'll get in touch about future opportunities.

Tell someone about ACCA-X

Do you know someone who’ll benefit from studying ACCA-X? Complete the form below with your details and we'll send you an email you can forward on. This will include a unique $10 coupon code for ACCA-X F1, F2, and F3 courses for your referrer.