Five advantages of online learning

student wearing a red jumper using a tablet device

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student wearing a red jumper using a tablet device

ACCA-X provides a range of courses for students looking to start a career in accounting.

Not all online courses are created equal (we’re especially proud of ours!) but all offer more than simply the opportunity to study the subject at hand. We’ve rounded up our five top reasons why we love online learning below.

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1. Earn while you learn

Many people who study online do so at the same time as working full-time or part-time - meaning that they're able to fit their studies around their job, earning while they learn instead of taking on student debt. It definitely takes commitment and discipline to do both, but the good news is that the rewards can be great.

It also means that you're gaining valuable experience of the working world, particularly if you've recently left school. Working retail or as a barista might not seem quite as glamorous as corporate finance. but you need just as much motivation and daily commitment to get the job done! And if you can snag a job with some relevance to your studies - like a trainee position at an accountancy firm - then it's even better preparation.

2. Study in an environment that suits you

At home, in the absence of a space dedicated to the learning process, online learners need to create their own study environment - a quiet space with a reliable internet connection. That means you can customise it to your exact needs. Need zero distractions? Clear the room! Prefer a cosy, comfy workspace? Get to work creating it!

Best of all, there's no need to travel anywhere to study - just sit down, get comfortable and get started.  

3. Refine your routine and your time management skills

Online learners can timetable sessions for whenever they have free time, meaning they need to learn the knack of good scheduling and time management.

But developing these skills while you’re still studying is a great idea in and of itself. If you've already been setting and achieving a tight schedule of work, study and play, managing your to-do list when you find land the dream accountancy job will be a breeze.

4. Invest in you and reap the rewards

Online learners need to make extra effort to maintain the motivation required to learn independently - with no teachers threatening detention or bosses glaring from their office, it's down to you to self-motivate and ensure that you stay the course.

Sound hard? Actually, it's great training for the future! We think to achieve career success, you need internal motivation, not just external pressure. Online learners need to keep their eyes on the goal, honing both skills and stamina, and remind themselves that engaging fully with their studies will ultimately prove to be hugely beneficial. Read our tips on how to stay motivated

5. Be part of an online community of learners

Our online discussion forums make all the difference here. You may be learning from home but you're far from alone. The connections learners forge on here help to strengthen the course community and help everybody to get through the parts of the course that they're struggling with. Tutors regularly post questions, so there are also opportunities to share feedback on tuition and course programmes.