How do you stay motivated when studying online?

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Read about how to stay motivated when studying online

The notion that online courses are more popular among the more determined and academically better prepared members of the student population doesn't disguise the fact that, from time to time, we all need a little assistance to sustain our enthusiasm. Here are five ways to help keep you incentivised and engaged with your online studies.

1. Small is beautiful

Short, high-intensity bursts of study are the best way of committing to memory. Log on regularly and keep in mind that taking regular breaks is also a crucial part of any study programme. Taking breaks can actually help you retain more information, as well as help you understand the bigger picture, as often the salient facts of the subject you are studying fall into place during the spells when you are relaxing.

2. Schedule time

When you embark on your online study course, make sure you transfer all of your course deadlines to your regular weekly schedule. Block off periods on your calendar for online study sessions and treat them as totally inflexible appointments that you cannot change. Online study offers more flexibility than traditional alternatives, meaning you can organise your studies to suit your schedule. But make sure you also remember to block off some time for yourself, which is just as important.

3. Get connected

Remember you're part of an online community. Connect with your fellow online students by logging on to the course discussion forum where you can post questions and share any challenges you may have come across. It's easy to use and can assist you as you plot your route through the course. It's also a means of chatting about the learning materials with your fellow students, getting your questions answered and solving problems. The tutors also post frequently, giving you the opportunity to offer feedback on the course work and teaching.

4. Stay focused

Focus on your goals for the future and remind yourself frequently why you are studying. Make a list of the reasons why you are taking the course and keep your aims at the front of your mind. Write your objectives on Post-it notes and stick them underneath your computer screen. Accountancy roles are crucial for businesses in all sectors - you could be advancing towards getting a promotion or finding yourself a better job. It's also a good idea to chart your progress, so you can see what you are achieving.

5. Be positive

Remember that, as you study, you're increasing your knowledge, developing practical skills and opening up new opportunities. Make sure you're getting a good night's sleep to help you stay awake and alert during periods of study. Eat light, healthy meals and snack on fresh fruit. Go for brisk walks to get a breath of fresh air and boost your endorphin levels. Aim to study when you feel most energised in order to maximise your learning potential.