Learner stories: Justine, Nick and Terry

calculator on a desk, with a globe in the background

"I am enjoying my course and look forward to completing it and advancing my career in accounts."

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calculator on a desk, with a globe in the background

"I'm enjoying the courses. I did the Introduction to Financial and Management Accounting course and, in February, took my first ACCA accounting exam, resulting in a pass mark of 92%."

Fit studying around your work

Whether you're at the start of your finance career or you've been working in accounting for a number of years, you can fit ACCA-X study around a full-time job, applying what you've learnt on the online classes to your current work projects.  

This is what Justine, an Assistant Accountant from Zimbabwe, is currently doing. As she had no previous knowledge or experience in accounting, she started on the Introduction to Finance and Management Accounting course:

"I didn't do accounts at school as we were put into certain subjects so I was a science student. When I completed school, I started working at as an assistant in the accounts office at a school. I grew to like to it and began my ACCA journey with an ACCA-X online course.

"I did my first exam on the 22nd of February 2016 and scored 92% for FA1 Recording Financial Transactions exams. I am enjoying my course and look forward to completing it and advancing my career in accounts."

Develop your career

Another learner - Nick from the UK - has the finance experience and used ACCA-X to give him the confidence at work:

"I have undertaken this course as a stepping stone to, hopefully, a better career for myself. I have been within the accounting department for six or seven years now and finally decided to take the plunge to move up the ladder rather than standing still. I have found the course very useful in helping me achieve these goals!"

Become more employable

Similarly, Terry - from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - completed the Accountant in Business course:

"This ACCA-X course helped me with the more analytical side of doing my job, allowing me to deal with situations I would have had a hard time solving before. I realise I will be more marketable when I finally finish my ACCA study."

Get organised

Studying while in full-time employment can be challenging. It's all about being organised. Dedicate four to five hours per week on ACCA-X study and learn a bit at a time rather than leaving it all to the last minute.

The tutors are here to support you online, and there are communities on the edX platform and on ACCA-X social media:

You can reach out to your fellow learners, alumni and the ACCA-X team if you have any questions.