Seven reasons why ACCA-X is the most innovative way
to get started with accountancy

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Learn how online study could be your perfect route to a career in accountancy

Start your career in accountancy

Ever thought about studying accountancy? Dip your toe in the water with ACCA-X - the innovative online programme from ACCA. Our two introductory courses are free for everyone, anywhere in the world, and we think it’s an engaging and highly effective way to get learning. Here are our top seven reasons why...

1. Fully interactive content

From the individual lessons to the various assessment sections, ACCA-X courses are fully interactive. As students make progress through a course, they are free to repeat lessons and revisit earlier content to refresh and build their understanding of a topic. Think of it as building a digital textbook, week by week.

2. Helpful Online Support

ACCA-X uses community-based learning principles to deliver learning to thousands of people. Learners are encouraged to post questions and answer peers’ questions via the in-course wiki. Course tutors help by leading discussion topics and monitoring learner activity throughout the courses.

3. Join an Online Community

To help you navigate your way through the learning materials, there’s also an easy-to-use discussion forum where you can post and ask about any challenges they may have encountered.

Think of it as a digital classroom - it’s a way to chat about the course and its materials with your fellow students and get your questions answered. The tutors post questions too, so there are regular opportunities to share your feedback on the teaching and materials.

4. Comprehensive mock tests and questions

To equip you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need, each week has its own practice tests that make it easy to track how you are doing and identify any problem areas.

The tests’ intuitive, multiple choice design makes them simple to navigate - and don’t worry if you find one a bit of a struggle, as it’s always possible to retake practice tests from previous weeks. However, graded tests can only be taken once. You can always visit the forum to ask fellow students or the course tutor about any particularly tricky questions.

5. Track your progress

At any stage during the course, you can check how you're doing by using the 'Progress' tab. Here you’ll find a personalised area showing the different marks you’ve achieved on a neat graph. As well as giving the individual scores you’ve received for the interactive exercises and tests, it totals them all up - providing a useful indication of how close you are to being ready to take the ACCA exam.  

6. Learn 24/7 and across your devices

If you’ve already got existing work and study commitments, it can be accessed from mobile devices making it easier to learn on the go. Our free courses are available globally, and you can access all the features we’ve listed here at any time.

7. Weekly live tutor sessions and downloadable content

Our paid courses have the added benefit of weekly sessions with our live tutors, who make getting started with studying easier than ever. You’ll be able to join the sessions live, bringing the course to life with practical assistance from real experts.

Too busy to join in? You can always rewatch anything you’ve missed, and even download content for offline viewing.