Learner stories: Karan, Fatima and James

calculator on a desk, with a globe in the background

"ACCA-X it made it easy for me to study from my home without leaving my hometown, my family and my friends."

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calculator on a desk, with a globe in the background

"With ACCA-X, I can log in and study any time, anywhere through my cell phone and laptop. I found it an effective way to study - specifically, the videos and tutor feedback on the discussion boards are useful."

We spoke to three learners - Karan, Fatima and James - about their ACCA-X experiences.

Study from home

Full-time student Karan from India studied the Accountant in Business course:

"I live in a small town in Uttar Pradesh, India. When I first got registered with ACCA, I found that there were no tuition providers in my area or nearby. Then I discovered ACCA-X it made it easy for me to study from my home without leaving my hometown, my family and my friends as well.

"With studying using ACCA-X I can log in any time I want - through my cell phone, my laptop - in any place I want. I'm thankful to my tutor on the Accountant in Business course, Mr Bruce, who supported me through leaving feedback on the discussion boards."

Enhance your own business

Fatima from Zimbabwe completed the Intermediate Financial and Management Accounting course, then undertook the ACCA exams, scoring 82%, 86% and 72% in FA1, MA1 and FA2 respectively:

"ACCA-X allowed me to fit study seamlessly with my schedule. I currently help my mum with her small catering business. Before, I mainly did kitchen work, but since completing the ACCA-X courses, I now also keep track of basic costs, expenses etc. The ACCA-X courses have helped provide a solid foundation that I can build upon. This is particularly important for when I begin work as a trainee accountant.

"My advice to fellow learners would be not to give up. Remind yourself why you began the ACCA-X courses and set realistic goals that you can meet. These will help keep you motivated. 
Make sure to make use of the optional questions that the courses offer ­- they show your learning gaps and help you improve!"

Learn in a supportive environment

ACCA-X learner James, from the UK, enjoyed using the platform, particularly the practice questions and activities in ACCA-X:

"I recently started the Introduction to Financial Management and Accounting course and have found the interactive nature of the course incredible helpful and supportive. Having used other training schemes in this field, it is incredibly refreshing to find a course that allows you to practice as you learn, furthering confidence and competency in the subject area. I could not recommend ACCA-X enough and will undoubtedly be using this platform for future study."

A big thank you to all our leaners for sharing their ACCA-X story.