Meet our ACCA-X ambassador, Maria

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Maria Madni, student ambassador, shares her feelings about studying with ACCA-X. You can also talk to Maria online in our courses.

ACCA-X, the platform created by ACCA for studying ACCA

My experience with ACCA-X has been amazing! Let me explain why…

  • It’s flexible: you can study anytime and anywhere - I have studied different units in different cities.
  • The course tutors: they’re encouraging and have broad subject knowledge and provide interesting examples that make the concepts clear and help me remember.
  • The courses are interactive: the interactive activities in the courses are also very helpful. Research agrees the more you interact the more you’ll understand and retain!
  • You can test yourself: the question banks are high quality and really help you with exam preparation.
  • The learning is entertaining: the colourful comic strips and the short videos bring the courses to life!
  • Great study support: study content and timely revision tips.
  • The courses are affordable: and real value for money.

Study techniques that work for me:

I study in short, intense sessions with scheduled breaks in between. I study using the Feynman technique. My go-to revision techniques are active recall and spaced repetition that have been proven scientifically to help with retention by strengthening the connections in your brain.

I would encourage you to take a step towards achieving your dream of becoming a trusted finance professional and enroll in one of the ACCA-X courses before you sit your next exam. Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun along the way and remember:

'Adventure awaits!'